The Benefits to Buying Green Cars

Today there is a wide variety of vehicle styles to choose from. There are all kinds of different cars and trucks to fit every personality, driving style and need. With all of these selections to choose from its no wonder that there could be some confusion about the benefits and limitations of the different vehicles available on the market. One of the biggest areas that seem to have a great deal of confusion surrounding it is the green car market. The truth is that many people buy green cars because they are trendy, others because they are merely told that they are helping the environment, and still others due to the fact they only want to save on the high cost of fuel. Most people who are conserving a green car are not doing so with the knowledge of all of the benefits that green cars have. Let’s look at some of those benefits now.

The PriusFirst, it’s important to note that green cars are slightly more expensive since the technology associated with them is relatively new still. This cost is, however offset by the fact that green cars will often save a huge amount of money for the owner in terms of reduced costs associated with fuel. In fact, green cars are often able to save over 70% of the cost of fuel that non-green vehicles have. If the vehicle is a hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle, then the cost is even greater. In this case, a green car is able to save the owner over 98% of the cost of fuel that a similar vehicle in a non-green style would have.

Green cars are often built to be much more efficient and require less maintenance. This means that one can expect to spend a lot less on things such as oil, tune ups and other expenses associated with merely keeping their car running. Green cars which are electric or use a hydrogen fuel cell are almost completely owner maintenance free and can provide many times the usable life between maintenance cycles than their non-green counterparts.

There are also the benefits that one can get in terms of insurance rates and tax breaks. Most auto insurance companies will actually offer a reduced rate for a vehicle owner who has one or more green vehicles on their policy. This is due to the fact that most times it has been shown that a green vehicle is either less likely to be involved in an accident or is less likely for the accidents that they are involved in to be severe. There are also government programs that will provide a person an encouragement to purchase a green vehicle by offering them a tax break or a purchase incentive such as matching a buyer’s down payment or offering a reduced interest rate on the financed purchase of a green vehicle. There are even programs which will match the trade in value of a non-green vehicle toward the purchase of a green one in exchange for the owner signing a statement allowing the non-green vehicle to be destroyed and recycled.

These are just a few of the great benefits that one can enjoy when they purchase a green vehicle. These vehicles offer a reduced fuel cost, maintenance cost, insurance premiums and more. They can help the environment by reducing emissions which are placed into the atmosphere, can help strengthen our foreign policy and increase our countries financial independence by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and can help our economy by freeing up more money for vehicle owners to use toward other things instead of fuel and maintenance for their cars. All in all buying a green vehicle is a great idea that really has no downside.

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